It’s evident to everyone, but the hack reporters that Trump is exposing them for all to see during the Coronavirus Task Force press conferences. They show up to BE the news and NOT to gather the news to report back to viewers. They just want their 15 minutes of fame by asking a “gotcha” question or yelling at the president. They STILL aren’t smart enough to realize that President Trump is playing them like a fiddle.

Today’s press conference was no exception. Two reporters (see below) were belligerent and rude to President Trump during the press conference.

One of the reporters is Jeremy Diamond of CNN who went immediately to whine to Don Lemon on-air:

“Two men who sit to pee whine about how mean DJY is” – Herbert Reed

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CBS reporter Weijia Jiang came with a political agenda and tried her best to slam President Trump by rewriting the timeline of how he handled the coronavirus crisis. He hammered her with the truth and then said: “just relax”…LOL!

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Note that CBS reporter Weijia Jiang spread the false rumor that a White House official called coronavirus “Kung Flu”…

The tweet below ruins the narrative for this hack reporter:

A CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond was also destroyed when he asked another ridiculous question:

White House reporters were trying to outdo each other as to who can be the most disrespectful, argumentative jerks. THEY ONLY SHOWED THEIR BIAS!

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