A Texas hailstorm damaged thousands of solar panels at a Fort Bend County solar panel farm.

“Thousands of solar panels in the Needville area were destroyed in a heavy hail storm on March 16 and residents are concerned about possible chemical contamination,” FOX 26 Houston writes.


Hail reportedly reached the size of golf balls.

ABC 13 reports:

Last Saturday was a night Nick Kaminski will never forget. After the wind tore off his roof, golf ball-sized hail rained from the sky.

“The hailstorm we experienced Saturday morning was unimaginable,” Kaminski recalled. “We’ve never seen anything like it in our lifetime.”

Kaminski’s property damage wasn’t his only upsetting sight. He couldn’t believe it when he looked at what else the hail hit.

“They look like somebody took a shotgun and blasted it into the air and let the pellets fall down and shatter holes all in them,” Kaminski said.

Instead of collecting rays, panels from the Fighting Jays Solar Farm in Guy were hammered by hail. SkyDrone13 captured thousands of rows of shattered panels – damage more concerning to Kaminski than what happened to his home.

Experts said that most of the time, large solar farm panels are made of compound cadmium telluride.

This is something Kaminski is worried about because he uses well water.

“That’s what we take a shower with, we drink with,” Kaminski explained. “It could be in our water now.”

Residents are concerned about the environmental impact of the damaged solar panels.

Yet, green energy is deemed environmentally-friendly?

From FOX 26 Houston:

The 4,000-acre solar farm called Fighting J’s near his Needville area home took a beating during hailstorms on March 16.

When he first saw the damage, Kaminski says he was shocked.

He was one of the residents worried about the environmental impact before the solar farms were built.

“That’s correct. I was worried about it,” Kaminski said.

Nick showed us emails he sent to Fort Bend County Commissioners, the Fort Bend Economic Development Council, and the owners of Fighting J’s Solar Farm asking for the environmental impact report.

“We’ve asked for the same studies, and we’ve been treated the same way,” said Mikes Fugua who also lives near the solar farms. “We got nothing out of them.”

“My concern is the hail damage that came through and busted these panels we now have some highly toxic chemicals that could be potentially leaking into our water tables,” said Kaminski

“There’s numerous makeup in the chemicals on this thing,” Fugua said. “The majority of them are cancer-causing.”


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