CNN hosts and their fans might be irritated after hearing what Conservative star Sean Hannity was talking about as he crushed a few hapless cringe-worthy souls during his exclusive talk with Breitbart’s Matt Boyle. The absolutely devastating truth about the outrage and modus operandi of CNN and liberal intimidation tactics were called out during the SiriusXM Breitbart News Saturday show and it got heated. However, Hannity pointed out the obvious and listeners were able to create their own opinion after Hannity was done spilling the beans that CNN might have preferred stayed in the old jar of tricks they’ve pulled out of their grandma’s proverbial closet.

Hannity went right for the jugular by calling out the left for constantly seeking reasons to be “outraged” about President Trump, and just about anything for that matter. Hannity expressed that it was like an obsession for left-wing journalists to be engulfed in faux rage over just about anything. It’s as though they always have to be mad, complaining, or finding something wrong – desperately seeking outrage in which to use as material for their work. Of course, this is not all-encompassing and there are plenty of people who do not do this, but I believe the point Hannity is trying to hit out of the park is that this is becoming a more noticeable issue and he thinks it’s a major problem – as do many others.

The discussion mentioned Jim Acosta. Some people acted like Acosta’s “life was in jeopardy” during a Trump rally because people chanted, hilariously, that “CNN SUCKS.” It’s mindblowing, but chants don’t equate to threats when someone is just saying that a news network isn’t their favorite. If the people at Trump’s rally chanted “burn Jim Acosta alive and throw him in a dumpster” then he would’ve likely been in danger. Regardless, Acosta was not in danger and he was also seen chatting with some of the people at whatever rally this took place at. If he was truly in danger, then he likely wouldn’t have stayed and he probably would’ve been attacked. However, the physical attacks seem to stem more from the tolerant people on the left. Should we say the intolerant since they’re unable to accept that other people have different views?

In a refreshing tone, and mostly believable, was that the interview with Hannity was that they spoke of people defending journalists, suggesting that if anyone from an audience dared to assault someone, that they would support the journalist and help them – regardless of who they are. They would back each other up and argue later! It’s like if players from two rival football teams were at the same bar and someone started a fight, they would stand up for each other and then smash heads again on the field.

Breitbart’s exclusive stated more on the outrage peddling that Hannity spoke about:
“There’s a reason that people are shouting ‘CNN sucks.’ It’s because they do suck,” Hannity quipped. “This is just a means of — I think — of intimidating and trying to silence people for telling them — really shouting at them — that their coverage is abusively biased.”

CNN and other left-wing journalists’ continual outrage peddling, in Hannity’s view, came at the expense of the coverage of the economic boom over which President Donald Trump has presided, including record low unemployment for several demographic groups and the return of manufacturing jobs once purported to be irretrievable by Democrats.

Hannity saved some ammunition for the Democrats. “They want to impeach the president, they want to keep Obamacare, they want to get rid of ICE and [have] open borders … they want all these investigations into the Deep State to stop,” he said about a possible return of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

“It’s a simple formula,” Hannity said of the Democratic election strategy for November, when they hope to flip the House and bring about that change. “Outside of that, they don’t have anything in their arsenal, except the same old playbook that Republicans are racist, and sexist, and misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, want dirty air and water, and to kill grandma and kids.”

Here’s the thing – if enough people chant that you suck, then maybe you need to figure out why? If enough people believe it, then is it true? And if so, then why?

Why does CNN suck?

You tell me.


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