Joe Dan Gorman is the host, creator, and producer of Intellectual Froglegs.

Today is Joe’s birthday, and instead of receiving a gift, he’s sharing his gift with America. The Intellectual Froglegs founder has been making videos for over a decade, and the latest video that he’s hosted, produced, and directed is his best work yet.

The incredible patriot, and unapologetic Christian, who is also a talented comedian, can take current events and turn them into an entertaining video that never gets old.

In his latest release, Joe Dan covers the COVID sham that was perpetrated by big Pharma, Dr. Fauci, the lying mainstream media, and big tech, who relied on dishonest third-party “fact-checkers” to punish people who dared to question the authenticity of their coordinated narrative on vaccines and the origins of COVID.

Joe Dan Gorman has placed a target on the backs of RINOs in Congress, and when you’re finished watching this video, you’ll know who Americans should trust and who’s on the other team.


In addition to the dishonest media who shills for the Democrat Party, the Intellectual Froglegs creator obliterates lying Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff (CA), the Democrats heir apparent of Senator Diane Feinstein’s seat when she retires at the end of her term, who was censured today by his peers in Congress for repeatedly pushing a massive lie about President Trump and Russian collusion.

Comedian and Trump impersonator Shawn Farash of LATV also makes a special appearance in Joe Dan’s most recent video. But it’s Joe Dan’s version of the “MAGA Match Game” game show near the end of the video that will have viewers cracking up.


Joe Dan Gorman is a rock-solid Trump supporter who is able to see past all of the lies and demonization campaigns that have been thrown at him by his enemies to see the truth, which is that President Trump has been taking those arrows on our behalf. Please consider sharing his video with your friends, and while you’re at it, consider sending Joe Dan a contribution. The Intellectual Froglegs creator relies on his fans to produce his videos, and without help from Americans who approve of his message, he can’t get it out to the masses. Go HERE to contribute.

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