Hillary Clinton was spotted in a swank NYC restaurant sipping a glass of wine while her “faithful” husband is seated next to rocker Sting’s wife, Trudie Styler.

The former president and his 2-time loser wife Hillary arrived at the Upper East Side restaurant in separate vehicles with separate Secret Service detail.

There’s something about Bill that brings out the best in Hillary…especially when he’s engaging with other women.

The Daily Mail reports – Hillary, sipping her favorite white wine, looked glum as her ever-engaging husband was deep in conversation with Sting’s wife Trudie Styler, who at one point rested her head on Bill’s shoulder for a group selfie.

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After dinner at the exclusive  a maskless Bill could be seen standing chin to forehead with a woman who pulled down her mask to get a photo with the former president.

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Sadly, Bill Clinton will forever be most well-known for his extra-marital activity, most especially with romp in the Oval Office with the young intern Monica Lewinsky, that eventually led to his impeachment after he lied about the affair to a grand jury.

Hillary, who is best known for being a bitter woman whose dreams were dashed when Donald J. Trump crushed her in the 2016 election, was seen outside of the posh uptown Fleming by Le Bilboquet restaurant, appropriatetly wearing black and white horizontal stripes, as she posed with a fan for a selfie while wearing a mask over her face.

Bill and Hillary definitely enjoy living the life of the uber wealthy 0.1%. No wonder Hillary had no idea how to connect with the every day man and women on the campaign trail.

The Daily Mail explains how the restaurant where the Clinton’s dined is quite serious about not just allowing anyone off the streets into their establishment- In 2019, staff at the posh New York restaurant claimed bosses made them to google the names of guests before giving them reservations, so they can make sure the guests are either rich, famous or both.

All photos are from Splash News.

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