Media attacks Trump for being “Islamaphobic”…

The headline is based upon Pew Research polling data, among the most respected polling firms in the world.

Once again, the Mainstream Media says nothing and vehemently attacks anyone who does – including Donald Trump.

It is a harrowing statistic and certainly should give ALL Americans pause regarding who the Obama administration is allowing entry into the United States. As reported here earlier today, Muslim immigration into the United States has DOUBLED during the Obama years.

With that fact in mind, consider this chilling reality via Pew Research polling:
13% of Muslims inside of the United States support suicide bombing at least some of the time.

The U.S. now has over 100,000 Muslims being granted entry into the United States each year. That means according to the Pew Research data, 13000 of those Muslims coming into America EACH YEAR support suicide bombing some of the time. One percent of those polled indicated it was justified most of the time. That figure represents a truly radical mindset and is growing by 1000 Muslims into the U.S. every year.

It also accounts for over 350,000 Muslims in America who support suicide bombing. (13% of the total current Muslim population)

If that fact is not worthy of serious and open discussion – what is?

The media, Democrats, and most Republicans, want to worry over negligible concerns of tone and appearance while this country is literally leaving its doors open to those who despise and wish to destroy the fundamental foundations of liberty and freedom America represents.

The above numbers don’t represent a minute portion of the American Muslim population, Those numbers represent a clear and present danger to all those Muslims who did come here to escape the tyranny so common to nations from the Middle East, as well as every other man, woman, and child who calls this country home regardless of race, age, religious affiliation or gender.

Facts are facts regardless of the media and politicians who choose to ignore them. Via: InfoWars

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