It hasn’t been a good week for the former US Senator, Harry Reid.

Earlier this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that he would be using Harry Reid’s nuclear option, as a way to free up the backlog of dozens of Trump’s judicial picks Democrat lawmakers refuse to confirm.

The procedural step marks an escalation in Washington’s partisan tensions, and the third time in six years the Senate’s majority has eliminated long-held filibuster rules requiring a 60-vote threshold in favor of a simple majority vote. Forty-seven Democrats, joined by Republican Sens. Susan Collins, of Maine, and Mike Lee, of Utah, opposed cutting the time between ending debate and a final confirmation vote from 30 hours to two.

The rule change propelled by McConnell is not as drastic as the nuclear option used by Democrats in 2013. At that time, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid abolished the filibuster on most judicial nominees to combat McConnell’s blockade as minority leader.

McConnell was able to return the favor four years later, after Trump was elected, by using a simple majority to appoint Justice Neil Gorsuch to the bench. The GOP leader has touted that making the federal bench more conservative is a key achievement of the past two years. –Yahoo News

Yesterday, the crooked former lawmaker got some bad news from the jury, after he attempted to cash in on an unfortunate accident he caused when he improperly used a piece of exercise equipment.

Fox News reports – After about an hour of deliberations Friday, a jury in Las Vegas rejected former U.S. Sen. Harry Reid’s lawsuit against the maker of an exercise band that Reid claimed was responsible for injuries he suffered in January 2015.

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The injuries included blindness in one eye for Reid, 79, a Nevada Democrat and former party leader who asserted in his lawsuit that his injuries forced him to retire early from the Senate, where he had served for three decades.

The eight-member jury’s decision followed eight days of civil trial testimony, during which Reid never proved that the device he claims he was using when he was injured was a TheraBand made by Hygenic Corp. of Ohio.

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Reid’s son had disposed of the device soon after Reid was hurt.

The former senator testified that the device slipped from his grasp, causing him to fall, resulting in his injuries.

During the trial, Laurin Quiat, an attorney for TheraBand, said Reid was to blame for his own injuries because he simply misused the product.

What do you think? Did Dirty Harry leave the Senate because of his injury or because his corrupt career was catching up with him and he knew he wouldn’t be reelected in Nevada? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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