Dr. Borjas is a non-partisan numbers guy who just gives the facts on how what the U.S. is doing now with immigration is financially unsustainable! He has a book out on this topic: 

A great piece in The American Conservative describes this non-partisan and very brilliant economist:

George J. Borjas is an economist who specializes in immigration research… For decades Borjas has been shocking the system in his own way, arguing—carefully, with the support of intricate statistical analysis—that immigration comes with tradeoffs, particularly reduced wages for the native workers who compete with immigrants.

To most academics, that’s heresy. To many others it might sound like common sense—and at last we can experience Borjas’s ideas in a widely accessible form. After focusing for years on academic research, Borjas is bringing his findings directly to the public through a new book called We Wanted Workers.

Dr. Borjas stands, after all, at the top of his field. He publishes in the best journals, presents his work at leading academic conferences, is consulted when major scientific organizations (e.g., the National Academies) summarize the state of knowledge in his field. But it’s equally hard to say he fits in. He has both a background and a perspective that are unusual among his peers. Read more: The American Conservative

Listen to the brilliant Harvard economist Dr. Borjas explain why it’s not possible for us to sustain mass immigration to America:

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