A Harvard graduate walked out of her own graduation ceremony due to Biden AG Merrick Garland’s speech… here’s why

Emma Heussner earned her master’s degree in psychology from Harvard University in 2020. However, due to COVID-19 the elitist liberal University postponed the class of 2020 and 2021’s graduation ceremonies. These ceremonies were instead held during Memorial Day Weekend of 2022, and Biden’s corrupt Attorney General, Merrick Garland, gave the commencement address.

Heussner walked out.

Emma Heussner (left) and Merrick Garland (right)

Unable to stomach the self absorbed ramblings of a Biden appointee, Heussner decided that she would rather walk out of her own graduation ceremony–a once in a lifetime opportunity which she worked very hard to get to.

Garland is just that insufferable.

From Fox News:

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“by the time Merrick Garland finally started speaking, it was very much — I think he was trying to be inspirational and motivating, as in, ‘You guys are responsible for making the world a better place,'” she said.

“But the way it read,” she continued, “was very much like, ‘This country sucks and you guys can fix it.’ ”

That “didn’t sit right with me,”

She said she thought to herself, “You’re the attorney general — you’re someone who could make an immediate difference based on the actions and decisions you make as attorney general.”

“So it was a very easy decision for me to walk out and meet up with my parents” instead, she said.

Heussner added of her parents, “They’re the ones who were there for me and who supported me — and I didn’t want to be preached to by Merrick Garland, when he was talking a lot of talk but not really walking the walk that he was preaching.”

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Her parents were not allowed to enter the graduation area, and instead were required to watch it via broadcast at a separate location.

Garland, whose corrupt actions (and most importantly inaction) as AG have allowed protestors to continuously threaten SCOTUS Justices while top Democrats and their families and friends get away with all varieties of corruption and criminal activity, had the audacity to preach about making the country a better place.

Heussner’s decision to walk out of the ceremony was entirely her own to make, and perhaps even the right decision to make. However, although the majority of her newfound Twitter following has been supportive, she has received some hatred from liberals and diehard Biden fans. How dare she not listen to a liberal elite preach about how awful the country is!

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