Last night, accused rapist and sexual predator, Harvey Weinstein showed up with a group of friends at Actor’s Hour in Manhattan on the Lower East Side.

Female comedian, Kelly Bachman, bravely stood on the stage and mocked the accused rapist, clearly an impromptu part of her act. From the stage, Bachman referred to Weinstein, the former production giant in Hollywood, as “the elephant in the room” and “Freddy Krueger.”

In a video posted to Instagram, Bachman can be seen telling the crowd, “I didn’t know we had to bring our own Mace and rape whistles to Actor’s Hour.”

In what can only be described as incredible, the crowd began to boo Bachman.

Bachman posted a video of her performance on Twitter:

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A young female who attended the event, tweeted photos from the event, saying:

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I spoke to the 3 women who all separately called out Harvey Weinstein last night after he turned up to an event for young performers.

One was booed on stage, another kicked out and the last called a cunt by Weinstein’s buddy.

Amber Rollo, a friend of Bachman’s, who is also allegedly a rape survivor,  tweeted about the disgusting Harvey Weinstein attending the event.

***TW Sexual Assault***
Hey everyone. You might have seen my tweet about cursing out Harvey Weinstein last night. As a rape survivor, I’m so furious and sad and frustrated.
Here is a thread about what happened.
I was shocked to see him out, but not because I thought he would have shame, he is a sociopath and clearly has no shame. I’m shocked because he was invited to an event put on by and for artists.
Downtime Bar NYC, you might remember it as Mockingbird in LES, allowed this man to stay at this event put on by Actors Hour. Actors Hour and the woman who runs it Alexandra Laliberte apparently invited Harvey Weinstein.
Not only was he invited he was supported. My friend and badass comedian @bellykachman was performing on the show and when she went after “Freddy Krueger” SHE was booed and told to shut up.
Some people didn’t realize what was going on, some artists knew and were scared and some were outright supporting this fucking serial rapist monster.
At the show’s intermission, a woman started yelling about him being there. She was shouting and crying and seemed to be the only sane person there. SHE was kicked out. What the actual fuck?!
Let me explain that one more time, an event that was supposed to support actors and artists invited a serial rapist who has ruined at least 87 actors lives and supported that monster over an actor in the room.
They supported HIM over all the actors in the room.
Then I went in and called him a fucking monster and told him he should disappear. His friend/body guard/goon/family member called me a cunt and I really really wanted to lunge over the table and strangle him.

I restrained myself, now that I’m sober I no longer throw drinks or fists. There was a woman at the table with him who gently guided me out. I don’t know who she is but I hope she is ok.

Please do not support Downtime Bar or Actors Hour, the position they put us in is horrifying

Apparently, the whole #MeToo thing was just a popular trend for the lefties in Hollywood and NYC…

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