The left is outraged again. It’s always something stupid, but this really is idiotic.

A video of Jimmy John’s employees being goofy and making a noose out of bread and then using it on one of the employees is making the rounds on social media. The left is claiming the three employees are mocking the lynching of blacks. Everything is about racism to the left, so it makes sense that the left would interpret this harmless video as somehow against the black community.

Has-been actress Debra Messing tweeted out the video with this comment:

Let’s see if the founder of Jimmy Johns does anything. Huge Trump donor. And huge big game hunter also like Don Jr.
jimmy johns – RESTAURANT must be shut down.

Nick Jack Pappas just made these innocent kids targets:

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Employees at Jimmy Johns made a noose out of bread dough to mock the lynching of Black Americans.

A subtle reminder that the founder of Jimmy Johns, Jimmy John Liautaud, is a huge Trump supporter.

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The left is assuming this is attached to black lynchings when there is nothing to indicate these teens were doing this for any reason other than playing around with dough.

Now, these teens will be targeted and the owner of Jimmy John’s is being targeted. #Boycott Jimmy Johns is trending on Twitter with leftists claiming they’ll never go there again.


Time to go to Jimmy John’s and buy something to cancel the cancel culture.

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