While on the campaign trail, Joe Biden insisted that he would not rule through executive orders.  In fact, he decried executive orders a dictatorial method of leadership because they bypass the voting of the legislation process:


“I’ve gotta get the votes!…we are a democracy.”  He then speaks contradictory gibberish about voting for executive orders for a moment, but ends by solidifying absolutely that executive orders are not an appropriate way to run a government:

“Things you can’t do by executive order unless you’re a dictator.  We’re a democracy.  We need consensus”

Now that he has been illegitimately installed as the dictator of America after (allegedly) getting far fewer votes than president Trump, though, he seems to have swiftly warmed up to the idea of ruling without the will of the people:

The number of executive orders signed by the past 4 presidents and Joe Biden within 3 days of inauguration.

Within just 3 days of his inauguration, Biden signed more executive orders than Trump Obama Bush and Clinton combined for the same time period during their tenures as president.

Since then, Biden has signed 18 more EOs, for a total of 37 and shows no sign of stopping.

Liars must continue their lies so they do not get caught.  And, the lies must always get more grandiose in order to explain their inconsistencies.  Biden did not get the votes to become elected president, and so he must now also backtrack on every other Constitutional promise he has made because he never had the will of the people to begin with.  This is his only pathway to remain in power illegitimately.

Eventually, though, every lie collapses from the complexity and enormity of its weight.  And this one is collapsing very quickly.

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