Over the last few years, one of the most frequent allegations tossed at conservatives is that they hate the female species, oppressing them in the so-called “war on women,” by not providing them with pay raises, free birth control and abortions, and all sorts of insanity.

We’ve been treated over the last several months to the whole #MeToo Movement designed to supposedly empower women to stand boldly against sexual assault, rape, harassment, and so on.

Yet, despite all of the bluster about how much the left loves women and fights for their rights, we currently have the folks involved in the radical progressive Women’s March actually supporting a sex trafficking website.

The Daily Wire is reporting:

The far-left Women’s March on Saturday came out in support of a website that was recently seized by the U.S. government for its involvement in sex-trafficking and underage prostitution.

A federal grand jury in Phoenix returned a 93-count indictment against seven people associated with Backpage.com on Friday for their alleged involvement in knowingly facilitating illegal prostitution and money laundering. Politico reports:

Backpage and its founders have been the subject of intense investigation by the Senate Homeland Security Committee in recent years. Critics said the site not only promoted illegal prostitution but facilitated sex trafficking and sexual abuse of children.

Despite this win against sex trafficking, the Women’s March came out against the government’s decision to shut down the website and openly advocated for the rights of sex workers.

The Women’s March tweeted: “The shutting down of #Backpage is an absolute crisis for sex workers who rely on the site to safely get in touch with clients. Sex workers rights are women’s rights.”

And while that is incredibly disturbing and hypocritical, it’s not nearly as sickening as what Women’s March Director of Communications and Outreach Sophie Ellman-Golan posted on Twitter:

To call these folks sick, twisted, and depraved seems like an understatement. They are actually advocating in support of sex trafficking and attempting to normalize child prostitution.

This is a movement, a group that’s supposed to be standing up for women’s rights, to protect them from horror shows like trafficking, but instead, they’re advocating on behalf of this terrible evil.

Stuff like this is why most people do not take radical left-wing feminists seriously and likely never will. They talk a big game, but fail to practice what they preach.

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