Eric Bolling tweeted out a heartfelt statement about the unexpected death of his only child, 19-year old Eric Chase Bolling only one day after he was fired from his position as a wildly popular host on FOX News. The Murdoch’s appear to be cleansing the network of any passionate and outspoken Trump supporters.  The allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced after a  Huffington Post reporter Yahsar Ali interviewed women who said he sent them inappropriate texts that contained sexual content.

Eric Bolling, like Fox News host Sean Hannity, decided to fight back, and not take what he calls “false allegations” sitting down. Sean Hannity was a target of washed up blogger and lawyer Debbie Schlussel until he hired a team of lawyers who threatened to sue her. Like magic, the false allegations went away.

Eric Bolling tweeted about his decision to fight the allegations by suing the author of the story on August 9, 2017:

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Huffington Post writer Yashar Ali responded:

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On September 8, the increasingly left-leaning FOX News network announced the firing of the wildly popular FoX News host, Eric Bolling, based on ALLEGATIONS that were levied against him by Caroline Heldman (pictured in photo below, second from right in a pussy hat) a serial sexual misconduct accuser, who once held a sign at a Trump protest accusing him of being a “rapist.”

Bolling was hoping he would not go the way of the network’s most popular conservative Bill O’Reilly, who has since mocked the Murdoch’s for their decision to can him. The Murdoch brothers also fired Roger Ailes, the then-head of Fox News Channel, for sexual harassment. Roger Ailes died shortly after his firing, many believed the firing took a huge toll on his health. It appears as though the Murdoch brothers have no intention slowing down on the firing of their most popular conservative hosts, regardless of the consequences.

On September 9, Eric Bolling and his wife Adrienne lost their only son, 19-yr. old Eric Chase Bolling. The details of his death are still unknown, but rumors have been circulating that he took his own life after watching his father being smeared in the hate-filled, anti-Trump mainstream media. 

It wasn’t enough that Fox News fired Bolling, or that he is suffering the unimaginable loss of his only son, the hate-filled alt-left liberals wanted him to suffer even more, as they took to Twitter to let Bolling know he “deserved” it.

Bolling tweeted about the death of his son on September 9, making it clear that the details of his death were still “unclear”. Here are some of the vile and hate-filled comments that leftists posted under his request for prayers:

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