This week, disgraced Empire actor Jussie Smollett was sentenced to 150 days in jail after being found guilty of lying to the police about a hate crime that he claimed happened after President Trump’s election.  The actor claimed he was assaulted by Trump supporters and received widespread support from the mainstream media as well as other actors.

During his sentencing, Smollett claimed that he was not suicidal and that if he dies while in jail, it will be the result of foul play.  Now, just days after being sent to the Cook County Jail, Smollett has been placed in the psych ward.  His family has mounted a social media campaign called #FreeJussie while prison officials claim that it is standard policy to keep high profile criminals in their psych ward.

The Daily Mail Reports





The brother of Jussie Smollett says the Empire actor has been placed in a psych ward at the Cook County Jail after he was sentenced to 150 days on Thursday for lying to the police about an alleged hate crime in 2019.

‘So Jussie is currently in a psych ward at the Cook County Jail. What’s very concerning is that there was a note attached to his paperwork today and put in front of his jail cell saying that he’s at risk of self-harm,’ said Jocqui Smollett in a video posted to his brother’s Instagram account Sunday morning

Jocqui urged supporters to flood social media with posts hash-tagged #FreeJussie. He also told them to directly tag the Cook County Jail.

‘I want to make it clear to folks that he is in no way, shape or form at risk of self-harm,’ Jocqui added.

In court on Thursday, Jussie insisted that he’s not suicidal to ensure if something happened to him in jail, the public would know it was foul play – a reference to Jeffrey Epstein’s jail cell hanging that many claim was an ‘inside job.’

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