Honolulu’s Café 8 ½ gets rave reviews on Yelp for its “Radiatore Verde” and “Italian stir fry,” among other popular dishes at the eclectic mom-and-pop restaurant – but the response to its new ‘policy’ barring pro-Trump patrons has been decidedly more mixed.

A bright yellow, handmade sign posted on the restaurant’s front glass door declares: “If you voted for Trump you cannot eat here! No Nazis.”

A photo of the sign was shared with FoxNews.com. One also is proudly posted on the café’s Facebook page, and was “liked” by some 40 people.

Honolulu resident and Donald Trump voter Susan Roberts told FoxNews.com she found the sign in “extreme poor taste.”

“It’s childish and very unprofessional,” she said in an email. “… The restaurant owner doesn’t have to worry … I will not be stepping foot in that establishment.”

A Facebook user who wrote on the 8 1/2 Cafe page says he was joking about the restaurant not serving Trump supporters when the owner came over and took away his food:

Unlike everybody else, I actually DID eat here recently on a trip. I was there with one of my friends and we thought they were joking about not serving Trump supporters…WRONG!!! We were talking about it when all of a sudden a giant fat male comes over, identifies himself as the owner and takes away our food. He still insisted we pay until we called the police and they sorted him out explaining to this guy that you can’t take away food and then expect people to pay. What a joke this place is.

Here are a few additional comments from Facebook users that were found on the 8 1/2 Cafe website:

Maybe someone should call the health department on them. Didn’t someone see a rat skittering across the floor or maybe that was cockroaches.

No need to eat at a restaurant owned by a Trumpophobe… they’ll be sued shortly for discrimination, just like the bakers were who wouldn’t bake cakes for gay weddings.

Like the Nazis put signs in the windows of restaurants and businesses “No Jews Allowed” . I find it strange that your sign says no Nazis no Trump supporters? Yet you are doing the exact same thing the Nazis did in Poland. Your business will suffer because you do not understand the power of social media, nor do you understand the power of Trump supporters. Oh, by the way your food looks like shit!

Going to Hawaii this summer but I will stay away from your so called restaurant. I voted for Trump and apparently my money isn’t good enough for you …your choice. By the way you might want to pick up a history book and read about the Nazis I think you might find the similarities in you both uncanny.

“People should be able to get food without hearing a political message,” one apparent former customer wrote on Yelp. “I will never go back.”

The 8 1/2 Cafe received so many negative comments on YELP that the service designed to rate restaurants as a way to help consumers find good food had to step in and shut down the comment and ratings section for their restaurant:



According to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, the café was founded by Robert Warner, a former hair stylist for Vidal Sassoon in San Francisco and former restaurateur in Seattle, along with his wife Jali. – FOX News

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