A father whose daughter was killed by an illegal alien on Thanksgiving Day makes an emotional plea to President Trump to stay vigilant in the fight against illegal immigration.

The man who killed his daughter also has a criminal record. This crime should never have happened.

If our border was secure, crimes like this one would never happen…think about it. This man shouldn’t have been in the country in the first place. What about this family? The media should be focusing on this crime but you probably haven’t heard about it.

“She was my world, she was my wife’s best friend but she was my baby girl.”


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It’s videos like this one that helps in the fight against illegal immigration. This crime was 100% preventable if only the illegal who killed this man’s daughter had been deported or not let into the country in the first place.

There are too many families who’ve lost loved ones to illegal alien crime. Let’s change the media narrative to focus on these families.


“She was my world, she was my wife’s best friend but she was my baby girl.”

“Everything was perfect in her life and to have it all taken and senselessly destroyed this is something no parent should go through.”

The report from KFOX in El Paso, Texas describes how the man who is in the country illegally, ran a red light and hit Amanda “Mandy” Ferguson Weyant then left the scene. He turned himself in two days later.

24-year-old Joel Velazquez, is now facing charges of an accident involving death.

KFOX14 Investigates has learned at the time of the crash he was out on bond from a 2017 assault charge.

He appears to be in the country illegally and is now currently on an ICE detention hold, related to his immigration status, meaning he cannot bond out of jail.

Police said he blew through a red light just before 2 a.m. Thursday morning.

That’s when he hit Amanda “Mandy” Ferguson Weyant, who was in the crosswalk, and took off. Police later found his vehicle abandoned on Cincinnati.

Mandy was a sixth-grade teacher at Eastwood Heights Elementary School.

How about some justice for this beautiful young woman? Her family is devastated. Can you imagine?

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