Yesterday, four people were shot and killed in St. Francis hospital in Tusla, Oklahoma, after a man went on a violent rampage due to back pain from a recent surgery.

Michael Louis, 45, began opening firing in the hospital after he received back surgery on May 19th and began to complain that he still had back pain.

He had a follow-up visit on May 31st and returned the next day with a letter declaring his intent to kill the doctor who performed the surgery and ‘anyone who got in his way.’

The doctor, Dr. Preston Phillips, was a Harvard graduate who traveled across the world to provide medical care to poor children in third-world countries.

The Daily Mail Reports


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“Dr. Preston Phillips was a Harvard graduate who travelled the world providing surgeries to underprivileged kids.

William Love was a retired US Army veteran, who was shot while holding a door open so others could escape.

Receptionist Amanda Glenn was a devoted mother-of-two. And Dr. Stephanie Husen was a well-respected orthopedic surgeon.

New details about the victims are emerging as police revealed that the killer, Michael Louis, 45, was found with a letter that stated his intent to kill Dr. Phillips and ‘anyone who got in his way.’

According to police, Dr. Phillips had operated on Louis’ back on May 19. Louis had been released from the hospital on May 24 but called Phillips about lingering back pain and saw the doctor again on May 31, before returning the following day to kill him.”

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After Louis killed four people in the Tusla, Oklahoma hospital, he killed himself as police closed in on him.

Dr. Phillips was planning to travel to the African country of Togo for the third year in a row to provide surgeries to children in need.

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