A mother of two Uvalde’s Robb Elementary students was put in handcuffs when she insisted that law enforcement enter the school to save her children

During the tragic and cruel mass shooting at the Uvalde Elementary school in Texas on Tuesday, which claimed the lives of 19 schoolchildren and two teachers, a mother was placed in handcuffs.

Uvalde’s Robb elementary school
from the Post Millenial

Angeli Rose Gomez, the mother of two students at the elementary school was handcuffed and told she was under arrest for “intervening in an active investigation” after she arrived at the scene outside of the school and began urging law enforcement to enter the building and rescue the children. Her children.

“The police were doing nothing” she said. “They were just standing outside the fence. They weren’t going in there or running anywhere.”

While hostage situations, especially at schools, are notoriously tricky for law enforcement to maneuver, many parents were frustrated and felt that the inactivity of the law enforcement officers would make things worse. Perhaps they were right.

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This is one of the deadliest mass shootings in US history, and one of the most tragic as well.

19 young children were massacred alongside two teachers by a murderous teenager who shot his own grandmother. With hindsight, it is easier to say what law enforcement should or should not have done yet at the time, parents were anxious and desperate. It looked like law enforcement was doing nothing to help.

Upon having her handcuffs removed, after the shooter was neutralized, she bolted, jumping the school’s fence and quickly running out with her two children.

Naturally, law enforcement couldn’t let the parents run into the school as protecting the parents is also a priority, and having parents running through the school could increase the risk of a botched operation. However, many parents have expressed concern that it took too long to neutralize the shooter and that too many law enforcement personnel were being dedicated to keeping the parents from entering the school, while not enough actively attempting to take down the shooter.

It is impossible to imagine how difficult this tragedy was to witness for the parents, however being handcuffed would have certainly made matters even worse.

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