Stop the violence! Why does it always have to be a gunfight between thugs that kills innocent people?! This is horrible and such a waste of a very talented man. DeBlasio immediately brings up gun control (which they already have in the city) but even if you took every gun off of the streets this would still happen with a knife or some other weapon. The gun laws in NYC are as strict as they come. DeBlasio should be thinking about how to get NYC back on track – he’s done a terrible job as mayor! 

RIP Carey Gabay – Please pray for his family.



A Harvard-educated lawyer who works for Gov. Cuomo was shot in the head when he was suddenly caught in the middle of a Brooklyn gunfight before Monday’s West Indian Day Parade, authorities said.
First Deputy Counsel Carey Gabay, 43, who was appointed to the post in January,is now on life support as doctors prepare to harvest his organs later in the day, law-enforcement sources said.
Gabay’s wife is pregnant with their first child.
The lawyer was innocently walking with his brother and pals when they came upon thugs arguing at Bedford Avenue and Sullivan Place in Crown Heights at 3:40 a.m., police sources said.
Sources said Gabay dove for cover between two parked cars but was struck in the top of the head.
He was rushed to Kings County Hospital.

“It was just totally random. Some guy walked up and was spraying bullets everywhere. I can’t believe it. He was a good guy, he just didn’t deserve this’’ said Gabay’s weeping younger brother, Aaron McNaughton, who was with him at the time.
“If you asked for the shirt off his back, he’d also give you the shoes off his feet. “There wasn’t a bad bone in his body, added McNaughton. “He used to change my diapers.”
The victim’s sister, Chrystal Gabay, called him “the most kind person you’d ever met.”
Three others also were shot and one man fatally stabbed in the spate of violence before the parade.
Cuomo expressed shock at Gabay being shot.
“Last night, it looks like we lost the life of a beautiful, beautiful individual, a young man who worked for me, 43 years old, was a Harvard-educated lawyer and went to work for the state because he wanted to give back and make a difference,” Cuomo said, apparently thinking Gabay had died.
“This is a young man who could’ve gone to any Wall Street firm and make multiples of what he was making for the state.”
Mayor de Blasio said later at the parade,”Our hearts are heavy also because there’s a young man fighting for his life right now…a good young man who is giving back to his work to his community.

“Right now, he was clinging to life because of senseless gun violence. We will fight against the propagation of guns with everything we have because we can’t keep losing good young men.”

Via: NYP

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