Houston County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Almendarez, 51, was fatally shot after saving his wife while stopping a theft

Although off duty at the time, Houston County sheriff’s deputy Darren Almendarez carried himself valiantly as he confronted three thieves stealing his truck’s catalytic converter in the middle of a supermarket parking lot. Tragically, Almendarez was fatally shot when a suspect pulled a firearm and opened fire. He died heroically, ensuring his accompanying wife’s escape from the armed thieves and managing to shoot and wound two of the three suspects.

A family member mourns the death of the slain Houston Deputy over his casket

From the Daily Mail:

“He told his wife to run, to get away from danger as he put himself in harm’s way to protect the rest of the community and to try and stop a crime,” the sheriff said during a press conference.

Despite being mortally wounded, Almendarez, a 23-year veteran on the force, was able to return fire, striking two of the men. The third suspect fled the scene and remained at large as of Friday,

Of the two wounded suspects, one is stable, and the other is in critical condition.

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Houston County Sheriff, Ed Gonzalez, made the following statement:

“At a personal level and as sheriff, that’s evil. We’ve got evil individuals that are out there,”

He added: “we lost another hero in our community. We’re tired of crime in this community.”

Hero: Houston County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Almendarez

Houston’s mayor, Sylvester Turner, decried the act of violence as Texas Governor Greg Abbott vowed to provide all necessary resources to bring Almendarez’s killers to justice.

Crime, especially violent crime, is up across the entire United States. This trend has continued since Biden took office, and Democrats from the local level to the federal level continue to ignore it widely. How many more brave law enforcement officers will be slain by petty criminals and murderous thugs before someone takes action to end this crime wave? Instead of addressing the crime, Biden has decided to open our borders to even more unvetted illegal immigrants.

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