After major recovery efforts to get America’s national emblem, the bald eagle, off the endangered species list, environmentalists are pushing for the nationwide use of wind turbines, a device that kills an estimated one million birds each year – including eagles – along with posing further threats to wildlife.

Recently, Arizona GOP gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake shared a video of an eagle whose wing had been cut off by a wind turbine. She asked why environmentalists aren’t upset about the impact of these wind turbines.

“BILLIONS of birds – including thousands of American Bald Eagles. Why aren’t the environmentalists up-in-arms over this?”

While the video posted by Lake is from 2021, this is still a relevant issue that has been proven to pose a major threat to eagles, as well as all other birds that might fly by a wind turbine.

In April 2022, an American wind energy company, ESI Energy, was sentenced to probation and ordered to pay over $8 million after pleading guilty to criminal charges and admitting that at least 150 golden and bald eagles were killed at its wind farms.


The wind energy company also pleaded guilty to violating the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Despite so much hard work going into the recovery of the bald eagle population, it appears that the green energy project takes precedence for conservationists and environmentalists over the preservation of our nation’s most precious bird – and all other birds for that matter.

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