John Podesta is the guardian of the Clintons just like Valerie Jarrett was for the Obamas.  He was instrumental during the 2016 election as the Clinton campaign chair and was exposed when the Wikileaks hack happened. He was just interviewed by the House Intel Committee regarding the Russia scam and was asked about it in the heated debate below:

John Podesta is not just the former chairman of the Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, but also a central figure in the ongoing narrative of Russian meddling in the US election of 2016. His hacked emails were at the heart of what some have called a coordinated news campaign led by Wikileaks, and so he met with the House Intelligence panel yesterday behind closed doors.

This morning he appeared on Fox Business to discuss the Russian interference, allegations of collusion with Trump campaign and more with host Maria Bartiromo in what became a testy debate that perfectly exemplifies the divided positions that so many Americans hold right now.

Bartiromo showed skepticism over the Russia claims…rightfully so!. And there may be no other individual that best embodies the Clinton’s web of influence — for good and bad — than Mr. Podesta. He’s the definition of a weasel.

Bartiromo aggressively attacked Podesta and Democrats for what she said were deeper ties with Russia, specifically asking about Podesta’s investment portfolio:


Russia gave John Podesta 35 millions dollars (1 billion rubles) while he advised Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

“Get your facts straight,” the former Clinton campaign chair shot back, before dismissing the FBN hosts claims as coming from a dubious source “like InfoWars.”

It went downhill from there.

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