After a failed Presidential run in 2016 and harsh criticism from the America First crowd regarding his participation in the Gang of Eight immigration compromise, it appears Senator Marco Rubio might not be out of the woods just yet. After a period of buildup, Democrat Congresswoman of Florida’s 10th district Val Demings is officially challenging two-term Senator and former Presidential candidate Marco Rubio for his Senate seat. Representing the Orlando area, Congresswoman Demings admitted to the Orlando Sentinel that she is heading into a “tough fight” against the incumbent and one-time darling of the Tea Party Movement.

One of Congresswoman Demings’ biggest criticisms of Senator Rubio is what she sees as a lack of attendance on the part of Senator Rubio. Indeed, Demings said in her initial campaign video that “My mother told me when someone gives you the opportunity to do something big: Do not disappoint them,” and that she has made “never tire” a key guiding term in her life and will apply this philosophy to her campaign against Rubio.

Democrat Rep. Val Demings

Demings, a Democrat whose party has done more to place a target on the back of law enforcement than any other group outside of Black Lives Matter or Antifa,  used the January 6th Capitol incident as a tool to falsely accuse Senator Rubio, a huge defender of law enforcement, of not caring about the Capitol Police.

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One of Demings’ key campaign platforms is to eliminate the filibuster, which is currently not a viable option for Democrats given the party split in the Senate as well as Senator Manchin’s (West Virginia) refusal to vote in favor of such legislation.

Although running on a relatively standard Democrat platform, Demings and her campaign are hopeful that her nearly three decades of experience in law enforcement will help sway independents in the Sunshine State and make it more difficult for Rubio and Republicans, in general, to apply the “socialist” label on her. As always, it would appear that another statewide race in Florida might yet again be a nail-bitter or at least extremely contentious.

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