Armed protests in Akron, Ohio during 25-year-old Jayland Walker’s funeral after police shot him 60 times

On June 27th, 25-year-old Jayland Walker was shot 60 times by police after leading them on a car chase in Akron, Ohio and allegedly firing on them from within his vehicle. When he got out of the vehicle, he was allegedly unarmed and wearing a ski mask. He was shot to death by several officers, who have been put on administrative leave since.

Armed Protestors in Akron, Ohio

On July 3rd, the city of Akron released body cam footage in which no gun was visible in Jayland Walker’s hands. Since that day, there have been increasingly aggressive protests against police within the Ohio city.

July 13th marked Walker’s funeral, which bigoted director Spike Lee attended, and which was marked by protestors armed with AR-15s and, reportedly, “assault rifle” style weapons “securing” the funeral.

Akron has been under curfew since the incident and officials warn of roaming protestors targeting police and the city itself.

The armed protestors claim that they want to teach the black community how to “protect” themselves and “police their own communities,” however it is also crucial to note that, according to Akron’s chief of police, bounties have been placed on the heads of the officers involved in the shooting.

Chief Mylett said that they would not release the names of the officers for their own protection and that “the challenge right now is there’s been bounties placed on police officers’ heads.”

Although who placed the bounties is currently undisclosed, for the safety of the officers involved their names will not be released at this time.

The armed protestors have so far not committed any violent or destructive crimes, or at least none which have been reported. However, Akron remains braced for potential violence and clashes between protestors and police and residents.

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