It only took what…14 years for this to happen? 9-11-01 is a memory that is etched in the minds of every American. One of the most distinctive memories many of us have following the attack by Muslim extremists on our country, was the deafening silence from the huge Muslim community in Dearborn, MI.

The protest against ISIS in the majority Muslim community of Dearborn, MI is a good start. Americans can’t help but wonder though, why it took so long for Muslims to protest these acts of terror by Islamic extremists? Is it because they’ve come to the realization that ISIS is not particularly discriminating about who they target? You can’t help but notice the Muslims in this video are carrying a huge sign telling Muslims that 99.9% of ISIS victims are actually Muslims. And you certainly can’t help but question where were all the protests when Al-Qaeda and other terror networks announced they were specifically targeting the West.

There is no doubt there are Muslim Americans who love this country. Why wouldn’t they? We offer freedom of religion, free education, housing, healthcare and food benefits. What we really need to see is that love for country extended to the love for their neighbors, for their Christian and Jewish neighbors specifically. This protest is a good start, but when Muslims make an honest attempt to assimilate in our country, instead of coming here with the intent of maintaining Sharia law and replacing our cultures and religious values with theirs. When they make an attempt to assimilate, that’s when we’ll know and believe they are truly interested in becoming Americans, not transplanted Muslims from overseas working to turn America into a Sharia compliant nation.

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