“Well, this is interesting”…Jennifer Sayles, a Michigan resident wrote on her May 25, 2022 Facebook post.

“Today my hubby and I received our “voter ID card” in the mail,” she announced, adding, “Neither of us requested them as we already had ours,” Jennifer wrote.
The MI resident who also hosts a podcast, shared an image of the four envelopes they received at her home address. Sayles explained that inside each envelope mailed to her home from her clerk’s office, which falls under the jurisdiction of Michigan’s dirty Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, was a voter ID card that is used to show proof of being a registered voter in Michigan. The voter ID card also designates the precinct in which the voter is registered to vote.
“As you can see in the photo, there are FOUR cards. Mine, my husband’s, his Aunt who lived in this house until she DIED over 15 years ago, and one for a man WHO HAS NEVER LIVED AT THIS ADDRESS!!!
Wait…what? Is Sayles actually saying that the same person (the Soros-funded Democrat Sec. of State Jocelyn Benson) who was blasted for sending out 7.7 million unsolicited absentee ballot applications for the November 2020 election, and was also found guilty by a judge of violating election procedures when she told clerks across the state of Michigan to IGNORE the signature matching process for absentee ballots mailed to their offices, is now sending UNSOLICITED voter ID cards to people who’ve been dead for 15 years and people who never even lived at her current address?

Yep…that’s exactly what she’s saying!

In her Facebook post, Sayles explained, “We know this because my husband’s aunt and her husband built this house and we moved here after her death! No one else has lived here!!!”
She continued: “Yup. We have a pretty important midterm vote this year.”
Jennifer Sayles concluded her post with “Here we go again.”
Here’s a screenshot of the Facebook post:
While we couldn’t find anything on the MI SOS website about voters receiving unsociliceted voter ID cards in the mail, we did find a notification from Delta Township, MI to their voters that read:
Please note that Delta Township is required by state law to mail a new Voter Identification Card to EVERY registered voter. Cards will be mailed the week of May 2nd. The Information card lists your precinct for voting and the new House, Senate, and Congressional districts ALL changed as a result of the 2020 census.
If you receive a card for someone who no longer lives at your residence, please mark “unknown” and place it back in the mail to the township. By federal law, this allows the township to legally start the cancellation process which takes four years. 
The notification that appears on the Delta Twp. website would explain the unsolicited voter ID’s arriving in the mail, but it certainly doesn’t explain why it takes FOUR YEARS for the township to legally START the cancellation process to remove dead or ineligible voters from their qualified voter rolls? If this information is accurate, that would mean it would take a full 4 years to clean up the voter rolls from 2022. The completion of the project would take place 2 years after the next [2024] presidential election. Coincidence? You be the judge…

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