Election Wire, a new podcast from The Daily Wire, issued a warning regarding midterm election polls. Robert Cahaly, founder, senior strategist, and pollster of Trafalgar group remarked that polls are likely to significantly undercount Republican voters in the weeks leading up to the November elections.
Cahaly noted that media and political speeches like Joe Biden’s demonizing MAGA Republicans would affect the outward displays by many voters, who would stay quiet about their preferences.

Cahaly said, “These submerged voters aren’t answering polls, they aren’t putting stickers on their cars, or signs in their yard – they’re not even posting on social media,” He went on, “They are underwater. They’re not saying a word to anybody until election day.”

Cahaly considered the many inaccurate polls over the last few years that favored Democrats over Republicans and warned that voters should not trust the polls leading up to midterms.

“Polls have two purposes” he noted, “They’re either to the reflect the electorate, or they’re to effect the electorate – and too many of these media and university-based polls are designed to affect the electorate and are trying to create a false narrative quite often when there’s not one.”

American distrust in media and their polls has continued to wane. Cahaly said that polls are often wrong because pollsters pushing a narrative don’t mind inaccuracy.

“And so now they’re having to get back to reality because they don’t mind at all being wrong, but they hate it when somebody is right” he said.

With mid-term elections less than one month out, Republicans and Democrats are projecting optimism regarding the outcomes. 

Pollster Rich Baris, Director at Big Data Poll has also been critical of the inaccurate and bias polls have toward Democrat candidates, calling it a “love for flawed polls”.  David Wasserman based his Democrat leaning predictions on Abortion being a leading voting issue, and a small, temporary drop is gas prices.


But as CNN discovered, Abortion is not currently rated as the most significant issue of concern among voters as they head into midterms. Instead, crime, inflation, and gas prices top the list when voting for everyday Americans. 

CNN  reviewed a  poll that asked one question, “Which political party do you think can do a better job of handling the problem you think is most important — the Republican Party or the Democratic Party?”
The results shocked the CNN anchor, who found Republicans were trusted by 48 percent of voters while Democrats were trusted by only 37 percent of the electorate. The anchor also reviewed what issues Americans seem most concerned with and found that voters are far more concerned with crime, despite Democrats’ push to make abortion their central campaign issue.

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