Bill Gates liked to party. In the ’80s and ’90s during Microsoft’s infancy, the nerdy computer wiz was known as a partier. Hard to imagine but apparently true, according to James Wallace who wrote two biographies on Gates.

After work, he’d invite friends and dancers from local all-nude nightclubs to swim in the raw at his Laurelhurst bachelor pad overlooking Lake Washington. According to Robert X. Cringely, (not to be mistaken for cringy) “Bill drank, and he got drunk pretty easily,”  wrote the popular computer gossip column for InfoWorld during Mr. Gates’s wild years. “All of us will have been at some affair where Bill was clearly impaired. He was happier” drunk, Cringely said.

Twitter users expressed their displeasure at the visual the creepy geek’s early escapades conjure up: ‘Here’s a visual I did NOT need in my head tonight’.

Another chimed in with, ‘Okay, hard to digest.’

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