Americans are 100% FED Up! with Islamic terrorism and so is Congressman Peter King. It’s way past due for Congress to call out the mosques across America for teaching radical thoughts and ignoring those who would do harm to others. While it’s obvious that closer surveillance is needed on mosques, for a congressman to say so is a big step. We need to throw political correctness out the window and put the safety of Americans first. Here’s what Peter King (R-NY) had to say:

“The fact is that’s where the threat is coming from,” he continued. “And 98-99 percent of Muslims in this country are good people. I’m actually swearing in the first elected Muslim in Long Island, she is a good friend of mine. So this is nothing against Muslims, but the fact is that is where the threat is coming from. We have this blind political correctness that makes no sense. For instance, in Boston, with the bombing, you have the Tsarnaev brother who was put out of a mosque because of his radical thoughts and statements made in that mosque, but nobody in the mosque told the police. Nobody ever told the FBI. If they had known that in advance, you combine that with the fact that the Russians had already told us to be on the lookout for him, we could have prevented possibly the Boston marathon bombing. We’ve had a number of Muslims from Long Island where I live gone overseas fighting with al Qaeda and you find out they’ve been in mosques and spoken radically but nobody in those mosques ever told the police. In almost all of the cases you find that.”

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