Rioters trashed everything in sight, but backed off when a man stood in front of his apartment building holding a gun, as he shouted they were calling 911.


THIS is exactly why it’s so important to fight like heck for our right to bear arms! If you think the police will rescue you anytime…you’re wrong! Many times in a situation like this one you’re all you’ve got. Remember in Ferguson when the group of store owners protected their stores with guns? Even before that, the Korean store owners during the LA riots protected their stores with guns. Would you rather be a sitting duck or have a chance to save yourself and your family? 

Watch the video below and you’ll understand that this man did exactly what any armed person should do. Great job!

Please skip to the 3:19 minute mark to see this guy take on the rioters…it’s priceless!

Via: Legal Insurrection

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