Today, after weeks of bullying from Democrats and their allies in the media over past comments on social media, including some that supported Q-Anon, the brave badass, freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), stood in front of fellow members of Congress and defended herself against being stripped from her committee assignments by a pack of Democrat hyenas and 11 Republicans. Many of the Republican lawmakers who voted to punish Greene for comments she made before becoming a US Representative have vowed to reach across the aisle to Democrats—the same people who would destroy them in the same way, if the opportunity presented itself.

1. Young Kim of CA is a freshman Rep. who narrowly defeated incumbent Gil Cisneros.

2. Adam Kinzinger of IL is a never-Trumper and likely a one-timer.

3. Chris Smit (NJ), the longest-serving member of Congress from New Jersey, also voted to punish the freshman lawmaker.

4. Jeff VanDrew (NJ) also voted to remove Rep. Greene from her committee assignments.

5. Former FBI agent turned US Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (PA) also voted to punish Greene.

6. RINO Fred Upton (MI), who also voted to impeach Trump and typically sides with the Democrats, was expected to vote against his fellow Republican lawmaker.

7. Mario Diaz-Balart is one of 3 FL Republicans who vote to humiliate Rep. MJG.

8. The newly elected Maria Salazar (FL) who defeated incumbent Donna Shalala by comparing her to Bernie Sanders, voted with Democrats.

9. Cuban immigrant Carlos Gimenez (FL), who voted to punish Rep. Greene, went out of his way to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration.

10. Nicole Malliotakis’ (NY) voted to remove Rep. Greene from her committee assignments. Less than one month ago, the freshman lawmaker bravely voted against certifying the electoral votes.

11. Fellow New Yorker, Rep Chris Jacobs, also voted against certifying the electoral college votes on Jan. 6th but voted to punish the outspoken GA freshman Rep. today.

Here’s the list:

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