If you’re like us, you either made a donation, knocked on doors, or called voters on behalf of a Republican candidate in the 2014 election. Maybe you did all three things. Is the candidate you worked so hard to get elected or re-elected on this list? We were very disappointed to see the name of the candidate we supported for US Rep in MI on the list of “Yea’s.” We also know we won’t be working so hard to help him with his re-election bid next time around. Only ONE Representative in the entire state of MI, Justin Amash (R-MI) actually stood up against the establishment and said “NO, we’re not gonna take it anymore!”

Please take the time to look through this list and contact your US Representative or US Senator. Let them know the next time they look to you for support of their re-election, that you don’t help people who sell out our nation.rubio cruz

It’s worth noting, that Marco Rubio didn’t even bother to vote on one of the most critical spending and national security bills in our nation’s history! If he can’t be bothered to vote on such a critical bill, how can he be bothered with representing our nation in the most powerful position in our government? 

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Conservative presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) voted against this insane bill. He criticized the legislation in a statement after the vote, saying it “effectively forfeits our massive Republican victories of 2014 and cements Obama’s priorities for nearly the full remainder of his term.”

For a quick look at how the passage of this bill will harm the security of Americans, while adding a huge debt to our children and grandchildren’s future, click HERE.

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house ominubus vote tally

nay votes on omnibus spending bill

Here is how our US Senators voted on the Omnibus spending bill:

house ominubus vote tally

senators omnibus

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