Earlier today we reporting on the massive explosion in Arlington, VA.

I told you we’d continue to update the story as we had more details and now we’re learning more about the home’s owner, James Yoo.

Collin Rugg had a great initial report here:

Here is what we know about James Yoo, the man linked to the Arlington, Virginia home explosion.

Police responded after there were reports of a flare gun being fired from the home.

James Yoo was listed on public records as the one living at the property.

Yoo was racist against white people in LinkedIn posts, claiming they had been stalking him since the 1990s: “This is how White people operate.”

Yoo posted wild LinedIn posts showed he hated the government/police and thought his neighbors were spying on him.

Yoo covered his windows with aluminum foil.

Authorities have still not released the name of the suspect or if anyone else was in the home at the time of the incident.

The police have confirmed Yoo is believed to be dead and they have recovered what they believe are his remains.

🚨 #BREAKING: Police Confirm Discovery of Human Remains Belonging to 56 Year Old James Yoo in yesterday’s House Explosion

📌#Arlington | #Virginia

Arlington Police have announced that the identified suspect in the house explosion is 56-year-old James Yoo, presumed dead with human remains found at the scene. The cause of the explosion is still unknown. Police were attempting to execute a search warrant after 30-40 flares were fired from the home earlier in the day. The Arlington Fire Department revealed that gas service was cut off before the explosion. The investigation, involving ATF and FBI, is ongoing, with bomb experts later deployed. Approximately 10-12 houses have been affected, with varying degrees of damage.

Hard to imagine much of anything surviving in-tact through that explosion.


Meanwhile, his LinkedIn has already been scrubbed but this guy took a screen-record of it before it was taken down:

Watch that full video here:

Some have reported that James Yoo was making wild comments on YouTube after the explosion, but X’s Community Notes claims that is a fake account and not Yoo’s true account:

So beware if you see this.

Here was our original report:

House Suddenly EXPLODES in Arlington, VA, As Police Approach With Search Warrant

File this under the strangest thing you will see all day!

I’m going to tell you everything we know so far….and then I’m going to tell you I expect there is MUCH more to this story that we don’t yet know (and perhaps never will).

Something VERY strange happening here.

Here’s the short story….a house in Arlington, VA suddenly exploded last night, and it was reported that the police were either currently serving a search warrant or were approaching the house in order to serve a search warrant.

We’re talking blockbuster movie-type stuff here.



That’s an explosion that would make Michael Bay impressed!

“HOLY CRAP” would be an understatement:

Sees like it *was* a nice house:

Here are more details from ABC News:

A house in Arlington, Virginia, exploded Monday night, shortly after officers were executing a search warrant at the residence for reports of a person discharging several rounds with a flare gun, officials said during a press conference.

Police responded to a residence on the 800 block of North Burlington Street at approximately 4:45 p.m. Monday afternoon with reports of possible shots fired, said Ashley Savage, public information officer with Arlington County Police Department.

“The suspect inside the residence discharged several rounds. The house subsequently exploded,” Savage said.

Police officers sustained minor injuries and were treated on scene. Before the explosion, Savage said that a barricade situation took place after attempts to make contact with the suspect were unsuccessful.


“During the early parts of it, after we had obtained a search warrant, we were attempting to make contact with the individual. Our SWAT team was on scene at that point, we would determine that the incident would be a barricade because the suspect had not exited the residence,” she said. “We were attempting to make contact with the individual when shots were discharged inside the residence.”

Here’s an interview with the man who recorded the video:

And from NBC News:

The suspect inside an Arlington, Virginia, home that went up in flames Monday night as police tried to execute a search warrant has been identified as resident James Yoo, 56, and is presumed to be dead, Arlington County Police Chief Andy Penn said.

“Human remains have been located at the scene. The office of the Chief Medical Examiner will work to positively identify the individual and cause and manner of death,” Penn told reporters at a Tuesday news conference.

Authorities said during the news conference they are investigating what the cause and origin of the explosion was.

There is no ongoing threat to the nearby community, the police chief said, adding this will be a thorough and extensive probe and authorities will also look into “concerning social media posts” allegedly made by the suspect.

Yoo listed his address in multiple LinkedIn posts, which are filled with rambling and at times incoherent conspiracy theories against government officials, law enforcement, media outlets and, in one post from Friday, his neighbors who he accused of being spies and collecting his information for unnamed handlers.

The FBI is assisting in the investigation into the explosion and the suspect, said David Sundberg, assistant director in charge of the agency’s Washington field office.

Yoo had previously communicated with the FBI through phone calls, online tips and letters “over a number of years,” Sundberg said.

“I would characterize these communications as primarily complaints about alleged frauds he believed were perpetrated against him,” he added. The information the suspect shared and his communications with the agency did not lead the FBI to open any investigations, Sundberg said.

The explosion prompted the evacuation of several nearby houses, officials said.

The blast destroyed the home as law enforcement were trying to make contact with the suspect inside. Authorities believe the man had been firing a flare gun from his home earlier in the day, Arlington County Police Department spokesperson Ashley Savage said.

Do you trust this “witness”?

When I first saw this story it immediately made me think of this from a few months ago:

WATCH: House Suddenly EXPLODES In Plum, PA

This is something you don’t see every day….

Gas leak?




No reports yet on exactly what caused it, but wow….

Take a look:

Reports say 4 people are dead and multiple properties have been damaged:

Total destruction:

The AP reports the following:

Four people were dead and a fifth was unaccounted for following a house explosion in western Pennsylvania that destroyed three structures and damaged at least a dozen others Saturday morning, authorities said.

Allegheny County officials said three people were taken to hospitals after the blast shortly before 10:30 a.m. in the borough of Plum, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) east of Pittsburgh.

Three people were transported to area hospitals, including one who was listed in critical condition and two who were treated and released. More than 20 firefighters were evaluated, many for heat exhaustion, authorities said.

The Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office was expected to provide additional information about the deceased victims.

Emergency officials suspended operations Saturday night due to weather and concern for the safety of investigators. Crews were expected to resume working at the site on Sunday morning.

Emergency responders reported people trapped under debris after one house apparently exploded and two others were engulfed in flames, county spokesperson Amie Downs said.

Similar explosions have happened recently elsewhere.

In Dunbar:

And Plano:

But the strangest thing is that this does not appear to be the only explosion in Plum:

Six in one township?


From TribLive:

There have been at least two previous house explosions in Plum since 2008, both in the Holiday Park neighborhood.

The most recent was April 22, 2022, at 5021 Hialeah Drive. A couple and their three sons who lived there survived.

As of September, the cause of the explosion had not been released.

Matt Brown, chief of the Allegheny County Department of Emergency Services, said in an email Saturday that the investigation has been lengthy because of forensic testing of natural gas lines and appliances and follow-up interviews. He said all of that requires extensive planning and coordination.

A March 2008 house explosion on Mardi Gras Drive was eerily similar in its destruction to Saturday’s incident on Rustic Ridge Drive.

In that incident, when the house at 171 Mardi Gras exploded, two others were destroyed and 11 were damaged.

A grandfather, Richard Leith, 64, of Trafford, was killed and his granddaughter, Gianna, then 4, suffered a broken leg.

A National Transportation Safety Board investigation found that a 2-inch natural gas distribution pipeline had been hit by a backhoe when a sewer line was replaced five years prior in 2003, stripping the pipeline of its protective coating and making it susceptible to corrosion and failure.

Very strange…

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