INCLUSIVENESS! That is the reason given in the statement by he Ole Miss Athletic Department…another SOUTHERN TRADITION bites the dust! At what point do SOUTHERNERS say, “ENOUGH!” The traditions of the Southern colleges like Ole Miss are being stopped for fear of hurting people’s feelings for not being included? THIS IS THE SOUTH and THIS is the reason so many people from everywhere choose to go to one of the Southern Colleges! These colleges are FULL of tradition. Would we go to any other part of America and demand that they stop a tradition like singing ‘Dixie’? This is ridiculous! SO WHY ARE THEY STILL CALLED THE “REBELS”? 

Ole Miss’ band will no longer play “Dixie” before football games.

Ole Miss Athletics Department issued a statement saying it was time for the university to create new traditions.

Dixie–a song that was the unofficial anthem of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War–has been a staple of Pride of the South’s lineup for nearly seven decades. Recently the band stopped playing the song during games, but had continued to perform it in The Grove on game days.

The athletic department released the following statement about the change:

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“The newly expanded and renovated Vaught-Hemingway Stadium will further highlight our best traditions and create new ones that give the Ole Miss Rebels the best home field advantage in college football. Because the Pride of the South is such a large part of our overall experience and tradition, the Athletics Department asked them to create a new and modern pregame show that does not include Dixie and is more inclusive for all fans.”


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