The parents of the teen run down and beaten at the Trump rally aren’t happy and here’s why:

The teen can be seen pleading for help at one of the windows of the firetruck and literally reaches out for help.

According to a family friend, the teen says the firefighter inside rolled up the window as the firetruck blared its horn and pulled away from the teen as the terror mob caught up to him.
You can see at the 1:48 point in the video that the teen is trying to get into the firetruck in fear for his life!

The clip ends with the teen Trump supporter being tackled by Black Muslim Seyfudin Mohamud. Mohamud can be glimpsed in the clip among the group of Black men initially attacking the teen.

Two of the men who attacked the teen have been arrested!

Here’s another video compilation of the chaos and violence from the rally:

The videos below are from San Diego and really give you a glimpse into what’s going on with the thugs at these rallies:
The cops aren’t defending us!

San Diego
What’s the problem with coming here illegally?

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