The disgraceful behavior of multi-millionaire NFL players continued last night during the national anthem. Players took a knee while others raised their fist.

These pictures are all you need to see to make you boycott the NFL!

nflSquandering the goodwill of fans by doing things like this will be the death of the NFL. Fans of all races support the teams year after year with their hard earned dollars only to see a sideshow of divisiveness like the sideline display above. These players have a job to do and part of that job is to behave like a team. They’ve been taught that from pee wee football on up. The old adage that there’s no I in TEAM still holds true for football and it should for America. How can we move forward together to make America better if we’re so stuck in victimhood. Everyone has their cross to bear and some wrong they wish to right. Every race and culture could reach back and be angry about something. The big question to the black community is when is it time to move on? When will YOU take responsibility for some of the wrongs in your community? Until you do so, your protests will fall on deaf ears. What matters more than your silly protest is the SERIOUS AND VERY REAL issue of black on black crime. It’s epidemic yet you’ve all but ignored it…Why don’t you try pointing your finger at yourself for once and GET REAL about what’s REALLY wrong in your community.


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