A heroic officer rushed from his barber to the school to rescue his wife and daughter from the tragic active shooter situation

Off-duty Customs and Border Protection agent Jacob Albarado was just sitting down for a haircut at his barber when he received a chilling text from his wife, a fourth-grade teacher at Uvalde’s Robb Elementary School.

Tricia P Albarado -Facebook

“There’s an active shooter.”


“I love you.”

She sent, prompting Albarado to leap from his chair, commandeer the barber’s shotgun which he kept in the shop, and rush to the elementary school, where he there made plans with the other officers to rescue the children trapped inside with the maniacal shooter.

Albarado and the officers he had made the evacuation plan with entered the school in the wing where his second-grade daughter was and swiftly began to clear each classroom, guiding dozens of terrified children and teachers out of the school and to safety.

Upon finding her, Albarado embraced his daughter and then continued his plan to rescue other children in the wing.

“I’m so angry, saddened, and grateful all at once. Only time will heal their pain and hopefully, changes will be made at all schools in the U.S., and teachers will be trained & allowed to carry in order to protect themselves and students,” he wrote in a Facebook post after learning that a friend of his daughter was among the dead children.

Tricia P Albarado -Facebook

Albarado did what he was trained to do, and in the face of fear and tragedy, he acted saving dozens of lives.

He is a hero.

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