Yesterday afternoon, a man who has now been identified as 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia, a licensed security guard, who was removed from the US Army over mental health concerns, opened fire on dozens of innocent shoppers at an Allen Premium Outlet Mall. He was shot dead by a police officer on the scene of the mass murder.

The Budget Motel was listed as his home address on Garcia’s license, but authorities say he lived with his parents in Dallas at the time of the mass murder. According to the warrant, the hotel employees confirmed that he had been renting a room at the extended-stay hotel.

According to a search warrant obtained exclusively by WFAA, investigators found several handguns, long guns, and ammunition inside Garcia’s grey 2014 Dodge Charger at the shooting scene.

The warrant did not list the weapon that was used.

Later Saturday night, there were multiple FBI agents inside a home in the northeast patrol division of Dallas, and there were Dallas police outside. Multiple sources said this is the home where the suspected shooter, Garcia, lived with his parents.

According to the warrant, employees at the hotel confirmed Garcia had been renting a room there.

A map of the outlet mall reveals where the shooter was killed by police.

Curiously, the Washington Post, a publication that cares more about pushing the Democrat Party’s agenda than the truth, quickly linked the brown-skinned Hispanic shooter to “White Supremacy.”

From the horrific story of Mauricio Garcia’s ambush of thousands of shoppers at the Dallas outlet mall comes one story of incredible courage and calm by one store employee who may have saved countless lives.

The Daily Mail reports – A mother-of-two who survived the Dallas mall shooting has revealed a hero store worker sacrificed her life to save a dozen shoppers who she hid inside a closet.

Racquel Lee was one of thousands present at Allen Premium Outlets Saturday when 33-year-old gunman Mauricio Garcia shot dead eight victims.

In the chaos that ensued, the unnamed store associate gathered a frantic Lee and 12 others, including several children, and hid them inside the store’s bathroom closet. The worker then left the group, and Lee hours later was escorted out by police.

The photo shows shoppers huddled together inside a closet in the store where the hero employee placed them.

On her way out, Lee recalled realizing that among the mass of “bullets and bodies” outside was the same store worker that hid her barely an hour before.

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