London suffered a horrific terror attack at the hands of Islamic extremists in March of 2017. The attack killed eight people and injured 38 others.

Eyewitnesses to the scene described what the horrific scene they witnessed on Westminster Bridge, “There were 10-12 bodies lying along the bridge. It was horrendous—absolutely horrendous!”

A car drove along the sidewalk across Westminster Bridge running over several pedestrians. The carnage after the Islamic terror attack on innocent citizens was unbelievable.

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Summit News is now reporting that the ‘Lion of London Bridge’ who bravely fought off Islamic terrorists has been put on an anti-radicalization terror watchlist by the UK government over fears he could become a right-wing extremist.

Yes, really.

49-year-old Roy Larner screamed “f*** you, I’m Millwall” as he defended himself against jihadists who ended up killing 8 people and injuring 38 others during the horrific attack in London two years ago.

The attack left Larner with more than 80 stitches to his head, ear, arms and hands after two of the terrorists slashed at his head and neck.

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Following the attack, Larner revealed that the terrorists had shouted, “This is for Allah” and “Islam, Islam, Islam” during the rampage.

Now Larner himself is being treated as a potential terrorist by the UK government.

Because he was allegedly contacted by far-right anti-Islam activists, Larner has been put on the government’s Prevent terror watchlist over fears he might become an extremist.

“They treat me like a terrorist but I’m not political at all,” said Larner, who revealed he has been forced to attend de-radicalization classes and is being monitored by the police.

Make no mistake about it, what’s happening in the liberal utopia of London is also happening here, in the United States. Share your thoughts in the comment section below about punishing the man who bravely fought off terrorists in London.


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