A video has gone viral of a heroic security guard at a Tampa Bay strip club stopping and disarming a gunman, likely preventing a mass shooting.

In the very early hours of Sunday morning, 55-year-old Manny Resto was working as a security guard at the Mons Venus strip club in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Resto, a former professional wrestler with the ring name “Puerto Rican Punisher,” noticed a man wearing a devil mask walking up to the strip club. As the suspicious man walked by him, Resto noticed the man was holding a pistol and jumped into action.

“I saw him raise his hand, and he had a gun,” Resto recalled during a press conference after the incident. “I saw him point it towards the door, and I decided that he was not going to enter the club and hurt anybody.”

Bouncer Manny Resto struggling outside strip club with would-be shooter Michael Rudman

Resto quickly grabbed the gun and was able to get it out of the hands of the masked man, who is now known to police as Michael Rudman.

Rudman fell to the ground, and Resto ran back to pick up the firearm, pointing it back at the would-be shooter. Rudman charged Resto, trying to reclaim the gun, but Resto was able to hold onto the firearm and got Rudman to the ground.

Another bouncer, Danny Baham, rushed out of the club and helped Resto pindown Rudman until the police arrived.

At some point during this struggle, the gun went off once but only hit the door of the club.

There were about 200 people inside the club at the time of the altercation, but thanks to Resto, no one was injured.

At a press conference, interim Tampa Bay Police Chief Lee Bercaw praised Resto for his heroic actions, along with the second bouncer who jumped in to help.

Bercaw said, “We’re all thankful for their heroism. I have no doubt that had they not stepped in, many lives would have been lost.”

Bercaw reported that authorities recovered two loaded magazines in Rudman’s pocket, as well as nine knives, two holsters, and more ammunition in his truck.

The suspect, Michael Rudman, is being held in Hillsborough County with no bond and faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, battery and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and more.

Michael Rudman

Rudman has a significant criminal history according to police, including charges of domestic violence, battery, reckless driving, and DUI.

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