Thousands showed up in Wellington, Ohio to attend President Trump’s first rally since the highly contested election results sent Basement Joe Biden to the White House.

Former White House counsel Jenna Ellis shared an image of the crowd gathering before the rally and reminded everyone that Joe Biden or “President Houseplant,” couldn’t draw 10 people to his rallies

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Standing at a podium and looking out at a sea of red “Make America Great Again” hats, after a 7-month break, President Trump looked like a million dollars.

“We must never forget this country does not belong to them. It belongs to you the American people. This is your home, this nation is your heritage, and our magnificent American liberty is your God-given right!” Trump told his massive crowd of supporters.

America’s 45th President also addressed “woke” generals and Critical Race Theory:

The badass Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene warmed up the crowd prior to Trump’s appearance.

The crowd went crazy when she walked up to the stage and chanted, “Lock him up!” when she mentioned Dr. Anthony Fauci’s name.

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