Remember the Muslim couple that appeared at the DNC as a Gold Star Family? Remember how they bashed Donald Trump for wanting to keep our Nation safe from terrorists? Yes, now that father is going to Michigan to appear with a radical anti-Israel/pro-Muslim Brotherhood activist.

Does anyone out there want to guess that this same man who ranted at Trump has had connections to radical Muslim groups BUT our main stream media chose NOT to do their job in telling the truth. Our press is complicit in its desire to lie to Americans to further the liberal agenda which REALLY IS criminal. Luckily you have the new media that will dig like hell to tell you the truth. Thanks to Brandon Hall of our local West Michigan Politics for exposing a visit by Huma Abedin and now Dr. Kahn. Bravo!

Khizr Khan, the father of a soldier killed in Iraq and well known for his feud with Donald Trump, will appear at an event in Dearborn in a few weeks with Amr Moussa, an Egyptian leader whose rise can be traced to his immense hatred of Israel.

Moussa has refused to visit the Holocaust Museum, said Hamas was not a terrorist group, said Egypt shouldn’t respond to the 9/11 attacks if Israel was a part of the coalition, and is sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The event takes place on September 29th at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center in Dearborn.

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According to the New Republic, well known as a liberal publication, Moussa is an “anti-Israel demagogue.”

They write that “Moussa owes his startling political ascendance primarily to one thing: his shameless exploitation of anti-Israel demagoguery for political gain.”

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Moussa, long hostile to America and Israel, even refused to visit the Holocaust Memorial. He was forced to backtrack after extreme pressure from the global community.

“As Egypt’s top diplomat, Moussa immediately projected an adversarial approach toward the United States and Israel. One of the first issues he handled was the Madrid Peace Conference, which the George H.W. Bush administration hoped would help shape a new regional order following the Persian Gulf War. When Israel insisted that the administration push for the repeal of a U.N. General Assembly Resolution that equated Zionism with racism as a precondition for joining the peace conference, Moussa demanded that the issue be tabled until after the conference, and Egypt was ultimately absent from the vote. Later, when Israel pursued improved ties with Arab states following the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993, Moussa argued that full Arab normalization should occur only after the final exchange of territory.

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