Vanity Fair wrote what they thought was a “hit-piece on gay, Jewish conservative Milo Yiannopolous, but they couldn’t have been further off the mark. Conservatives don’t riot when gay people with opposing views are featured speakers at colleges or universities conservatives. They don’t bust open heads or set campuses on fire simply because someone with an opposing view dares to share his thoughts in public. Why do liberals fear free-speech on campus so much? Could it be that they have been considered “safe-spaces” for liberal academia for so long that the very idea that someone would have the audacity to come onto one of the most liberal campuses in America and share an opposing view is simply unconscionable to them? It appears that way. Vanity Fair’s article about the come-back of Yiannopolous is more about reminding their followers that Milo’s career came “crashing down” after he dared to speak at the University of California, Berkeley, which “led to riots.” Then there’s that whole thing about how the media twisted his words to make him into some sort of a pro-pedophila gay man, while ignoring his openly public stance against pedophelia. All in a days work for another liberal publication who pretends to be fair and objectionable, but is really just another media tool for the left…

From the Vanity Fair article: Milo Yiannopoulos, the former tech editor at Breitbart, has made political provocations, often deeply offensive ones, a business model. But his career seemed to come crashing down in recent months when one of his speaking appearances, at the University of California, Berkeley, led to riots. Weeks later, videos emerged of Yiannopoulos seeming to condone pedophilia. (“I do not support pedophilia. Period. It is a vile and disgusting crime, perhaps the very worst,” Yiannopoulos said in a statement on Facebook at the time.)

Yet his allies turned on him. Yiannopoulos was subsequently forced out of Breitbart in disgrace. The American Conservative Union disinvited him from CPAC, and Simon & Schuster canceled a six-figure book deal.

But as the free-speech conflagration he ignited at Berkeley continues to burn, Yiannopoulos is planning a way back in. Days after releasing a video touting his return to the campus, Yiannopoulos told the Hive that he would be launching a new media venture in the coming weeks with what he says is a $12 million investment from backers whose identities he is protecting. (Yiannopoulos showed me a page from the contract with the investors’ names blacked out.) Another person involved with the company, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, was similarly secretive: “Milo has the best instincts about these things,” he said.

The business, which will be called Milo Inc., will be even more focused on stoking the sort of ugly political conflict that’s closer to the surface of what can be best described as corporatized trolling via live entertainment, with Yiannopoulos and his investors hosting events featuring right-wing talent. “The business of Madonna became touring,” said Yiannopoulos in a phone interview, citing the artist’s deal with Live Nation. “I’m doing the same thing, but instead of signing up with Live Nation, I’m building one. I’m building it for libertarian and conservative comedians, writers, stand-up comics, intellectuals, you name it.”

This video pretty much sums up the truth about Milo and his free-speech rights being shut down by violent leftists:

Milo Inc.’s first event will be a return to the town that erupted in riots when he was invited to speak earlier this year. In fact, Yiannopoulos said that he is planning a “week-long celebration of free speech” near U.C. Berkeley, where a speech by his fellow campus agitator, Ann Coulter, was recently canceled after threats of violence. It will culminate in his bestowing something called the Mario Savio Award for Free Speech. (The son of Savio, one of the leaders of Berkeley’s Free Speech movement during the mid-1960s, called the award “some kind of sick joke”.)

For the entire article: Vanity Fair

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