Most men with a pulse enjoy watching ads with beautiful, physically fit women wearing bathing suits. Whether they’re pushing beer or sporting events, female models have been paid handsomely in ads used to promote products where men are the primary consumer.

In March, Anhueser-Busch made the disastrous decision to feature Dylan Mulvaney, a man pretending to be a teenage girl, in their March Madness ad campaign, geared at mostly men, for their Bud Light brand. Bud Light and other brands sold by Anheuser-Busch suffered an immediate backlash from consumers who refused to buy into their woke trans-beer campaign.

By the end of April, Anheuser-Busch was watching its value plummet more than $5 billion, which was likely tied to the announcement of its partnership with the controversial social media “influencer” Dylan Mulvaney.

Videos like the one below have been shared across social media, showing Sams Club shelves filled with Anheuser-Busch products while other beer brands, like Miller Lite, were empty.

Apparently, Miller Lite decided that they didn’t want to watch Bud Light go down in flames by themselves.  A Miller Lite ad campaign that was also launched in March is being shared across social media that’s hosted by a woman who appears to be a woke feminist. In the video ad, she can be seen blasting the company’s decision to feature women dressed in bathing suits to promote their products to men.

Far-left activist Ilana Glaser, who is featured in the ad, is seen throwing a photo of a bikini-clad woman into the trash and sending a Miller Lite print ad campaign through a paper shredder.

In the next scene, Glaser is seen suggesting that Miller Lite’s previous ad campaigns that featured women in bathing suits are now considered “bad Sh*t,” and future ad campaigns approved by feminists that are supposed to be targeted at men are “good Sh*t.”

The ad campaign is getting wrecked on social media.

Watch the new Miller Lite ad that suggests women have always been in charge of breweries and are reclaiming them here: 

Twitter user John Bind responded to the new face of Miller Lite:

Why is being physically beautiful something for a woman to be ashamed of?
Why shouldn’t their beauty be used to promote products?
It’s more in the line of “women and men should be admired for the same things only”.
Which leads us to trans hysteria. It’s a short step to “there are no differences between men and women”

John Bind followed up with this response:

Ads don’t always focus on the features of the product. Sometimes it’s a lifestyle they’re going after. Portraying a desirable lifestyle.

I’m much more likely to watch an ad with a beautiful woman in it than an ugly woman. It’s not a corporation’s job to tell me I should appreciate ugly women for their beauty as much as beautiful women for their beauty.

That’s dumb proto-woke nonsense. We are not all beautiful. Some of us are smarter than others. Life is not fair. Making the law fair is something we’re all subject to. Making aesthetics “equitable” is absurd if you don’t like the ad don’t watch it.

Note: it’s not the cart before the horse. Watching beautiful women pre-exists showing a product with a beautiful woman. It does not increase recognition of feminine beauty – that is built into heterosexuals. 

He’s making some very good points that this woman agrees with! We’re pretty sure consumers of Miller Lite are not going to be happy with the new face of their woke marketing scheme.

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