As Hurricane Irma hits Florida, some people are using a sense of humor to deal with the storm. Some of the boarded-up sites have funny messages for Irma…

A sea turtle rescue organization appeared to use a boarded up window in Fort Lauderdale to advertise its website by painting a turtle with a hurricane symbol on its shell.

Many signs let potential thieves know there was no point in looting the store while they were out of town. It said: ‘Everything of value has been removed from the store. Please do not break the window.’

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Several signs were simply painted saying ‘Go away Irma,’ and ‘Irma sux.’

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Another sign said, ‘Hold on to your slices’

Some were inspirational with Bible verses and words of wisdom.
One sign referenced the global political landscape, saying: ‘Hey Irma, North Korea is that way.’


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