Lauren Southern is one tough reporter. She’s not afraid to jump into the middle of the fire in order to get the truth out to Americans who rely on unreliable leftist sources of information like NYT’s, The Huffington Post, PBS, The Washington Post,  CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS. She starts out her video sarcastically telling her viewers, “As we know, right-leaning viewers like myself are some of the most gullible people on the planet.” Southern then tells readers not to worry because, “Our corporate masters are so kind and helpful, making sure no wrong thing gets through to our little ignorant minds.” She tells viewers not to worry,”us half-wits” are in good hands, because social media corporations like Facebook and Google are helping you out by “cracking down on fake news sources” by using leftist sources like Snopes and Politfact to tell you what you should, and should not believe: “I don’t know about you, but once I found out about this amazing system, I realized just how lucky I am that now only myself or any other simpletons online will fall for lies ever again.”  

“Sometimes ‘fake news’ doesn’t just blow up in the metaphorical sense, where everyone shares it around on social media, but literally as well. In 1993 NBC actually rigged a truck with explosives in order to claim  General Motors vans were likely to catch on fire after crashing.”

Lauren has a few tips for Americans who are sick and tired of being told which news people should, or should not believe in. Southern starts out her video rant by pointing out how ‘fortunate’ we are to have large corporations who she identifies as our “corporate masters” with a liberal bent telling “right-leaning voters like myself, who are some of the most gullible people on the planet what is and isn’t ‘fake news.'” 

Southern warns against trusting that a group of left-leaning social media corporations have your best interests in mind when they hire leftist organizations to tell you what news you should or should not believe. She asks her viewers: “With all of the fake news that is floating around, what are we supposed to do? Well, it seems like we have 2 options: The first one is to stop reading the news permanently. We all know the corporate media will lie to you for profit. Google is filtering what we see. Facebook is surpassing stories that have a conservative bent and stops them from trending at all.”

“I personally prefer option 2 where Facebook and Google and whoever else can just stop pretending to be the complete arbiters of truth with their stupid filters and promises of ‘objectivity’ and go let’s back to using our own heads to discern what is and is not a real news story, and compare and contrast facts provided by all news sites from all political viewpoints. It’s not that hard. So Facebook, Google and all the rest of you who want to control our news, why don’t you guys just screw off!”

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By the way, it’s not just Facebook and Google that are helping you to decide what you should and shouldn’t believe, Twitter and Youtube are joining in to help viewers determine what content that users post on their social media platforms they deem “reliable” or “unreliable.” Behind the curtain, you will likely find hosts from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC clapping their hands like seals, as this effort to shut down alternate media sources is beginning to effect revenue streams of top conservative sites like Breitbart News. Like a “Scarlett Letter,” advertisers are now using lists provided to them by leftist organizations to determine who they should or should not advertise with. And since there are very few (if any) left-leaning websites on those lists, you may have already guessed it, publications like the NYT’s who have been losing huge amounts of ad revenues to alternative news sources that are eating their lunches, will be able to re-pocket those profits once they regain their monopoly on the news.

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