Liberals have been telling American citizens for decades that  illegal aliens are doing the low-wage jobs Americans won’t do. Is that really true?

How much do those illegal aliens standing on various street corners make per hour, per week or per year? Do they really pay taxes? Are they helping or harming American citizens who are hoping to find work and become self-sufficient?  How does employing illegal aliens in America affect our economy? How much money does the government take from working American citizens via taxes to provide illegal aliens the opportunity to work and live in America tax free?

Comedian and conservative activist Steven Crowder goes undercover in his latest video that answers all of these questions. Crowder joins illegal aliens on a street corner who are looking to be picked up by employers and given a job for the day. Watch the negotiation process and notice how boldly one of the illegal aliens admits to Crowder that he doesn’t pay any taxes. The illegal alines are also not so subtle about the way they let Crowder know they don’t want any white male US citizens competing for jobs with them.



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