At a high school in Massachusetts, students are being taught that it is offensive to use “gendered terms”, and that humans should be viewed in the same way as a clownfish or a species of tree frog, which can both change sex.

Some presentation slides from the school’s biology class were obtained by a parent activist group, Parents Defending Education. They revealed an entire presentation on gender fluidity, the minute population of intersex, and how gender identity is “your psychological sense of self”.

The slides that define sex, gender, gender expression, and attraction are infused with opinion-based, progressive ideologies that serve to further a personal agenda rather than teach students factual science.

Slideshow defining gender as one’s “psychological sense of self”

Eliminating “gendered terms,” according to one of the presentation slides, ensures that “people with diverse (a)sexualities, (a)genders, bodies, and (a)romantic orientations are included and respected.” Discussing biological sex in terms of men and women “marginalizes” those born with both male and female genitalia, “who have been persistently discriminated against.”

Intersex, a rare genetic condition that results in the affected person having both male and female physical characteristics, is present in about 0.018% of the population. However, the parent activist group found that the teacher was falsely claiming that 2% of the population is intersex and that they should be properly accommodated in everyone’s daily speech habits.

“Needham High School promised a science class and instead delivered a pseudoscience class,” said the director of outreach for Parents Defending Education, Erika Sanzi. “The slides shared by the biology teacher are harmful and wrong because they are factually inaccurate, sow confusion, and rely heavily on regressive sex stereotypes. Perhaps most absurd is the implication that biological sex in humans is fluid, or can literally change, because it happens to be true of non-human species like clownfish and tree frogs.”

The biology class at this high school is working hard to push other people’s beliefs onto these children. Telling students they must erase gendered terms from their vocabulary is no business of a high school biology teacher. This doesn’t fall into the “science” category, but instead falls into the woke Liberal agenda.

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