A Philadelphia teacher decided to take political matters into his own hands by passing out anti-Trump, anti-Republican flyers…in school! Little did he know that the State GOP chairman Val DiGiorgio is an alumnus of the high school! State GOP chairman Val DiGiorgio was made aware of the flyers by a fellow former Central High School student.


The flyers had anti-Trump slogans like “VOTE to stop the Trump regime,” “VOTE because rich right-wingers want you to stay home,” and “VOTE to support Black Lives Matter.”

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GOP Chairman DiGiorgio released a statement:

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“Political activity such as this is specifically prohibited by the employee handbook for the School District of Philadelphia, and as such, further investigation into the matter is warranted.”

“As Chairman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, I am also concerned about the liberal indoctrination of students in public schools, which are meant to be an a-political place of learning, not a taxpayer-subsidized propaganda school.”

The College Fix reports:

DiGiorgio alleges the material came from the head of the school’s social studies department, Thomas Quinn. Two and half years ago Quinn took issue with a Central HS student’s column critical of college race protests going on at the time.

Last month, Quinn was selected as The Philadelphia Citizen’s “Citizen of the Week” for his voter registration advocacy. “As a politics and U.S. government teacher—for the last 10 years at Central—Quinn is uniquely poised to push the message of voting to his students.”

DiGiorgio has called for an investigation into who was responsible for the flyers. This is just one example of many where an educator has pushed their personal political beliefs on students. It’s always a good idea to keep tabs on what’s going on in your school. Luckily, the GOP Chairman was tipped off by a former classmate.

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